Your people define your culture and ultimately determine your organization’s success. 正确的奖励至关重要. 对大多数公司, rewards form the center of a talent strategy framework that supports the goals of your business. 
But meaningful rewards aren’t one-size-fits-所有. They should be designed to achieve the right outcomes and reinforce your company culture. Will you need rewards that vary by geography, 业务单元, 技能领域, 世代及雇员人口统计? 对于大多数公司来说,答案是肯定的.

To make them meaningful for both your business and your employees, your rewards should be:

  1.  由市场提供信息
  2.  为驱动力
  3.  公平和一致地交付
  4.  Designed to support individual career development


Are you paying too much — or too little — for emerging jobs and skills? Are other companies offering incentives or programs you don’t have? 我们的 基准数据库 uses the most accurate and up-to-date market data practices for evaluating and establishing competitive compensation. 与美世 工作评估 工具, you’ll have access to relevant market data that helps you calibrate pay levels across countries and 行业.



How effectively are you rewarding performance? Do your incentive plans drive the right behaviors? Is your company’s performance management achieving the desired results? 你的公司能识别出最优秀的员工吗? 默瑟是美国的思想领袖 绩效管理实践和趋势 以及激励方案设计.



The desire for pay fairness continues to dominate global headlines as industry leaders, politicians and investors carry this agenda forward. 美世’s global review process, supported by our 支付股票计算器™, helps you review pay equity across your global workforce. 我们的专利 工作评价方法 gives you an objective measure of job value, while our approach to 职业框架 helps you establish job families and universal career levels that align with your pay programs to deliver pay equitably and consistently.

Designed to support individual career development

Creating a culture of skills and career development is vital for companies that believe internal agility, upskilling and reskilling are essential for meeting evolving consumer needs. 你是如何设计工作的 职业框架, reward horizontal and vertical talent movement, and reflect skills and proficiency in your pay guidelines should 所有 support this goal.


我们的 employee rewards professionals can help you:

  • Determine the best rewards strategy for your company — or harmonize strategies following a merger or an acquisition
  • Make the most of your new HR management system with a well-designed job architecture
  • Establish a 职业框架 to support a more integrated talent platform
  • Implement base and incentive plans designed to meet your unique needs
  • Unlock organizational capability by focusing on skills and empowering employees to own their careers
  • Conduct a pay equity study and make a plan to strengthen pay equity within your company

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